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Cooper’s Journey – Getting Old

A little about Cooper. Cooper’s journey with CBD began with a call in April of 2021. At that first meeting, Kelley, Cooper’s Mom explained that she had been using a CBD infused treat to help with pain and mobility.  Cooper was 14, approximately 30 pounds and was suffering arthritis that was affecting his mobility, he […]

Faith’s Journey – Cancer

Faith and Love. Faith was a beautiful and faithful 12 year old German Shepard.  It was so very clear to me, the mutual love these two shared. It was Jill’s primary goal to slow the progression or reduce of size of the tumor which was on the right side of the anal gland, to provide […]

Organs – kidney, liver, respiratory, auto-immune

My Top recommended product for Organ or Autoimmune disease is Myriam’s Hope CBD/CBDA This blend will work double duty on the endocannabinoid system, while also providing calming effects for pets who are experiencing emotional distress on top of their disease. Suitable for use in Pets of all sizes (and humans) Why I Like This Brand […]


This post is intended to be an additional resource to our standard dosing guidance. Be sure to follow our three step process of finding your pet’s optimal dose and use this information to help you fine-tune the dosing for your specific situation. We know from experience how hard it can be on the entire household […]

Allergies – asthma, itchy, scratchy, sneezing, licking

My Top recommended product for Allergies is Healer CBDA I meet with so many families dealing with all sorts of symptoms related to allergies. CBD can be a nice addition to the health regime of your pet to support the endocannabiniod system, which in turns works with other physiological systems to restore balance –  referred to by […]

Sydney’s Journey – Skin Condition

Itchy, stinky and depressed My Westie —Sydney– has been struggling with chronic skin issues for the last three years. It is fair to say that I have tried EVERYTHING…herbal and chemical shampoos, supplements, traditional medications, essential oils, acupuncture, chiropractic …and have found minimal relief. I was at my wits end. Since November, he has been in […]

Skin – itchy, licking, scratching, yeast, inflammed

My Top recommended product for Skin Conditions is Healer CBDA When it comes to skin conditions, CBDA is best used both orally and topically. The double-action on our endocannabinoid receptors as well as other receptors in the body are what make this a truly special blend for those suffering from hot spots, yeast, allergic reactions, itching/scratching, etc. […]

Old Age – mobility, restlessness, comfort care, dementia

My Top recommended product for Aging Pets/Dementia is Myriam’s Hope Daily 50 Combining this trusted formula with the dosing guide and helpful tips from client feedback over the past decade,  we’ve seen senior pets become spunkier, less restless , moving easier or just having a more comfortable and happy end of life. Suitable for use in Pets […]

Caley’s Journey – Anxiety

Caley’s CBD product wasn’t helping. In early 2019, I met Caley and her human, Laurie. The primary reason Caley was receiving CBD at the time was to calm her anxiety/fear especially for vet visits, training sessions or when new people visited her home. Caley would be become very withdrawn and slink away to hide. Laurie […]

Anxiety -anxious, frightened, stressed, destructive, OCD

My Top recommended product for Anxiety and OCD behavior is Myriam’s Hope Daily 50 From separation anxiety, to fireworks to vet visits, this formula has been a trusted and consistent brand for over a decade. When following the dosing guide created by helping thousands of pets, I’ve seen animals return to ‘normal’ states and lead calmer/more […]

Rory’s Journey – Seizures

I wanted to share Rory’s journey with CBD for two reasons, one it has a great ending and two I hope it will help someone else going through the same thing. Little bit about Rory: We adopted him April 2010, sight unseen, from a friend’s friend, he came to us at just 5 1/2 weeks […]

Seizures -focal, grand mal, petit mal, epilepsy

My Top recommended product for Seizures is Healer CBDA With so much solid research to support CBD as an anti-seizure compound, this formula has been life altering for so many of my furry clients. Whether you want to wean from pharma, or augment your existing seizure control regime, CBDA is by far the best choice. It is […]

Cancers, tumors internal or external

My Top recommended product for Cancer/Tumors is Healer CBDA Getting a cancer diagnosis is never easy, but my best advice is to give as much cannabinoids as your pet can tolerate and always begin with CBDA as it will work on both the endocannabiniod system as well as other receptors in the body. See below for some […]

Pain, injuries, arthritis, inflammation

My Top recommended product for Pain / Mobility is Healer CBDA I characterize CBDA as “extra strength” CBD. This is CBD in its raw form and simply means it has been cold pressed rather than heat processed. CBDA is non-impairing. It’s perfect for stimulating the ECS, which in turns effects other systems such as inflammation, join […]

IBD, gut health, vomit, nausea, poor stool

My Top recommended product for IBD/Gut Health is Healer CBDA CBDA and b-caryophyllene (which this formula is rich in) are fantastic working together to bind to our CB2 receptors, which are largely responsible for gut health, inflammatory response and even our mood. Suitable for use in Pets of all sizes (and humans) Why I Like This Brand […]