So nice to meet you

My name is Robbin Lynn and I have spent the past two decades specializing in helping people get the maximum benefits cannabinoids have to offer, with a specific focus on pets use for the past five years.

I am a Certified Cannabis Advisor (CCA) and have completed coursework in clinical cannabinoid medicine from the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. My main expertise of the cannabis plant is from a biochemical point of view: what compounds are present and how they interact with the endocannabinoid system.

I am expert in CBD and want you to know that I am a big snob about the products I recommend. I’ve seen many products come and go as CBD became “a thing” and I do the hard work for you of vetting products that I see bring the best results. I am also highly skilled in cannabinoid therapies and products, their safe use and proper dosing and I am passionate about sharing that knowledge.

I started out in this space helping humans who wanted to use cannabis, but not be high. I essentially taught them how to get the results they wanted, without the high; it’s all a matter of your ECS and how you go about using the products available. I was able to take that knowledge, interact with receptive veterinarians and apply my knowledge to the pet world.

Through helping more than 20,000 people (most over the age of 50) and more than 3,000 animals, I strive to impart knowledge in simple to understand terms for maximizing desired results.

I’m an educator at heart, and challenge myself to learn something new every single day. My heart calls for me to help and this path has afforded me the opportunity to help so many. And for that, I am filled with gratitude.

I look forward to helping you on your CBD journey.

I am available for community and small, private group speaking engagements. In the past, I have presented at –

I am available for community and small, private group speaking engagements. In the past, I have presented at –

UCSD Cancer Center, Encinitas
LIFE at MiraCosta College, Oceanside
Better Breathers Club, Tri City Hospital
Kiwanis Club, Oceanside
San Diego Cannabis Roundtable, UCSD
Parkinson’s Resource Group, Medford, OR
Cannabis Healing Conference, Santa Barbara
Integrative Veterinary Care, San Diego
Governor Animal Clinic, San Diego
Finding Female Friends Past 50 (Meet Up group)
San Diego Coalition for Improving End of Life Care
Dirty Dogs Pet Store
Sama Saturday with Sama Dog
Daughterhood Circle, San Diego
Ellementa, Woodland Hills
Torrey Holistics Dispensary, San Diego
Escondido Senior Center
Paradise Village, National City
Sun City Palm Desert, California
Ad-Hoc Medical Marijuana Committee, City of Oceanside