Caley’s Journey – Anxiety

Caley’s CBD product wasn’t helping.

In early 2019, I met Caley and her human, Laurie. The primary reason Caley was receiving CBD at the time was to calm her anxiety/fear especially for vet visits, training sessions or when new people visited her home. Caley would be become very withdrawn and slink away to hide. Laurie had purchased a CBD product online and after 6 months of use, saw no noticeable improvement.

Why a full spectrum CBD matters.

We looked at the COA of the product and found it had negligible concentrations of other cannabinoids such as THC, CBG, CBC and naturally occurring terpenes. I explained how when we use products that contain a full spectrum of compounds, we get better results. After discussing Caley’s specific situation and understanding Laurie’s comfort level, I helped her select a product that we always had good success with for anxiety, in this case –Myriam’s Hope.

She started with 0.1mL 2x a day and followed our three prong dosing guidance ensuring Caley received it consistently for 14 days and then began to determine the best maintenance dose.  Within a month they found that 0.1mL 2x a day turned out to be ideal for Caley. When they anticipated high anxiety situations that might cause her anxiety to increase, such as a vet visit, they increased the dose to 0.2mL to help Caley stay more calm.

Adjusting the dose over time.

Over time Caley did build a tolerance and Laurie found she had to increase daily dosing to 0.25mL and then to 0.3mL. Even with the increased dose, they noticed Caley’s anxious behavior began to creep back.

At that point, it had been almost two years since Caley started with Myriam’s Hope for anxiety and her family reconnected with us, asking for guidance and also informed us that they were hopeful it would help ease her arthritis symptoms.

Sometimes, trying a new formula is a good approach.

We recommended a two-layer approach that has worked with other dogs (and cats). We sent her  a sample of a new formula –Healer CBD to try for a few days and also added a small amount of CBG to the routine.

Her family reported that with the new regime, not only were they able to decrease the amount of CBD to 0.25mL, combined with 4 drops of CBG,  just once daily, her anxiety is much improved, as well as her mobility.

Caley’s Maintenance Dose.

“She is doing well with 0.1ml of the CBG and .25ml of the CBD once a day in the mornings. If she has been more active than usual or seems sore, I just increase the amounts for a day or two and she is back to feeling comfortable. I am pleased and relieved at how she is handling stressful situations with less anxiety and more enjoyment in being out in the world!”