Anxiety -anxious, frightened, stressed, destructive, OCD

My Top recommended product for Anxiety and OCD behavior is Myriam’s Hope Daily 50

From separation anxiety, to fireworks to vet visits, this formula has been a trusted and consistent brand for over a decade. When following the dosing guide created by helping thousands of pets, I’ve seen animals return to ‘normal’ states and lead calmer/more happier lives without the terrible side effects from some of the sedative pharma drugs.

Suitable for use in Pets of all sizes (and humans)

Why I Like This Brand

This blend is rich in CBD, CBG, CBC, b-Caryophyllene and Linalool. Compounds that work together synergistically to provide calming effect without heavy sedation or changes to your pet’s personality. Linalool is also found in Lavender and very calming. b-Caryophyllene is the only terpene found in cannabis that binds to the CB2 receptor, which is directly responsible for gut health, immune response and mood.

For larger dogs (over 50 pounds), you can choose the Daily 100.

How to Purchase

To purchase this product and save 10%, please use this link –

Please note the following once on the Myriam’s Hope site –

  1.  Select SHOP, then scroll to the the CBD Daily 50 formula
  2.  Select olive oil (no flavor) and no need to add any add’l terpenes
  3. Use coupon code OMC for a 10% discount

How to Use It

  1. DO NOT use the instructions on the bottle as this product is labelled for human use.
  2. The key to success with pets is to follow a tried and true protocol. To get the best results when using CBD for your beloved pets, download my FREE dosing guide or order my book (just $5.99 on Amazon).

FREE CBD for Pets Dosing Guide

Five pages with easy to follow steps, best practices and examples.


“CBD Made Simple for Pets”

-This is a do-it-yourself consult and it is more of a booklet than a book; estimated 30-minute read, loaded with nearly two decades of information and you’ll be supporting a small business to boot.

Happy Results

“I am pleased and relieved at how Caley is handling stressful situations with less anxiety and more enjoyment in being out in the world!”  -Laurie

Read Caley’s full story here

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