Pain, injuries, arthritis, inflammation

My Top recommended product for Pain / Mobility is Healer CBDA

I characterize CBDA as “extra strength” CBD. This is CBD in its raw form and simply means it has been cold pressed rather than heat processed. CBDA is non-impairing. It’s perfect for stimulating the ECS, which in turns effects other systems such as inflammation, join health and overall mood.

Suitable for use in Pets of all sizes (and humans)

Why I Like This Brand

This blend is rich in CBDA, CBC, THCA, b-Caryophyllene and Pinene. Compounds that I have seen provide some of the best results.

How to Purchase

To purchase this product and save 20%, please use this link –

Please note the following once on the Healer site –

  1.  Scroll to the CBDA Oil Drops
  2.  Select your preferred bottle size, 14mL suggested
  3. 20% discount will be automatically applied to order total

How to Use It

  1. DO NOT use the instructions on the bottle as this product is labelled for human use.
  2. The key to success with pets is to follow a tried and true protocol. To get the best results when using CBD for your beloved pets, download my FREE dosing guide or order my book (just $5.99 on Amazon).

FREE CBD for Pets Dosing Guide

Five pages with easy to follow steps, best practices and examples.

“CBD Made Simple for Pets”

-This is a do-it-yourself consult and it is more of a booklet than a book; estimated 30-minute read, loaded with nearly two decades of information and you’ll be supporting a small business to boot.

Happy Results

May is a 12 y/o pit suffering from pain which severely affected her mobility, causing her to moan and pace and she could barely enjoy her walks.

Her family had been giving her two CBD capsules daily (which they had bought online) for two months. But May saw no positive change. We met and I recommended this new product, then just a couple weeks later, received this message and a video.

“May has been taking CBDA oil for a full week … She now walks with hardly any limping.

I’m so happy to see that bounce again! I can’t thank you enough for your help!” -Jackie

> Short Video May

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